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Impact Test
  • One of the world's leading authorities in Head Protection
  • Over 50 years of continuous experience in the field
  • World renowned test facility
  • Multi-national client base
Flammability Test

As a compact, low overhead organisation, HPE is unique in the head protection field, being able to offer a confidential and highly competitive Research and Development consultancy, plus a test facility for both prototype and formal homologation work. This facility is recognised worldwide for it's consistent accuracy, low cost and rapid turnaround.

HPE's client base is completely multi-national and has been visited by most of the world's major helmet manufacturers. Work in evaluating new materials for protecting the human head in automobiles, has also brought HPE into contact with the world's major motor manufacturers.

HPE also conducts Quality Maintenance Product Check testing, as required by customers, and can offer consultancy and testing facilities for R&D evaluation of components and systems.

In addition, HPE provides safety consultancy expertise in the field of head protection (see the Safety Consultancy Page).

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